The correct development of exhibit stands is determined by design and operational characteristics of constructions. That's why this production stage is of considerable importance. "ETS Expoline" LLC offers to use its design, production and exhibition model installation services.
In the process of stand development we take into account:
customer’s wishes and demands;
aims and purposes of participation in exhibition;
specific traits of a certain exhibition;
the space used for stand development;
the peculiarities of demonstrated products or services;
specific traits of company;
competitive environment of a client company;
the efficient use of an allocated budget for an exposition stand.
The choice of the most suitable stand architecture first of all depends on the site where a stand will be located. Irrespective of the exhibition place we may perform a unique and creative stand development. Subject to the aims of participation at the exhibit we may separate a stand into separate working zones for each brand or company subdivision, meeting zones, show-program and promo material distribution zones which will make the stand work the most effective. We also develop a store interior design.If there is not enough space for the participation in exposition then you may use double-level stands and develop the second floor of the construction for the meeting purposes. An individual approach for the performance of such procedure as the development of exposition stands allows us to ensure a perfect result.



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